Malgorzata Paszko

Malgorzata Paszko portrait

Malgorzata PASZKO

Malgorzata Paszko was born in Warsaw in 1956.

In 1975, she attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (ASP) and then Beaux-Arts de Paris, a national school of fine arts in France.
In 1979, when she was 23, her works were exhibited at the Le Dessin gallery run by Claire Burrus, as part of the FIAC fair.
The debut was followed by multiple exhibitions in galleries such as Galerie Camomille and Galerie Fred Lanzenberg in Brussels, Galerie Koralewski in Paris, and a wealth of other locations across France, Germany, Greece, Poland, and Beirut (at the Alice Mogabgab Gallery).
From 1986 to 1987, the artist resided as a fellow at Villa Medici in Rome.

Malgorzata Paszko has become a part of the Revisited Landscape movement.

All artists develop their own style of perfecting the skin of the painting, their own texture. Malgorzata adopted a technique that requires using unprimed canvas and highly diluted paints which soak into the fabric. As a result, her renderings started to portray nature as changeable, unsettled, fickle.

From then on, her main ambition switched to transcribing the pivotal element: light.

With her new works, the artist entered a new stage, involving not so much a depart from figurative representation, as a certain avoidance of the subject. Whether in a distant landscape or a semi close-up, central focus shifts to the light.
Skies are hazy, translucent, at times intimidating. The light from the north, so beloved by painters, finds its place on the canvas.

Landscape, areas of deep shadow, foliage, and undergrowth, all serve to accentuate the play of light and shadow.
And certainly, so does water and reflections. When the pond mirrors the sky, the amount of light increases twofold and luminosity devours the whole surface of the canvas.

Fred Lanzenberg